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"Did he appear,
because I fell asleep
thinking of him?
If only I’d known I was dreaming
I’d never have wakened."

- Ono no Komachi (via feellng)


Peanut Butter S’mores Bars


Peanut Butter S’mores Bars

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when you say a great comeback without stuttering


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sorry mom you’ve hit ask limit

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regular people in the shower: wash, rince and repeat
me in the shower: accepting award
me in the shower: pretending i'm filming for a shampoo commercial
me in the shower: pretending i'm in a scene of my favourite tv show
me in the shower: life problems
me in the shower: ellen is pulling a prank on me
me in the shower: showing off my mad singing skills and sexiness to the crowd of fans that isn't really there.


i love listening to a song repeatedly until i hate it

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My favorite Rae outfits.

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The Soloists- Some dancers feel that the soloist rank is the hardest level of their career. Waiting for the seniority to claim certain roles means much less dancing than previous ranks and that can chip away at focus and confidence.

New York City Ballet dancers in city.ballet of AOL on Originals

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